power of lavastones

Lavastone is a grounding stone that strenghtens one´s connection to Mother Earth and is commonly known as a healing stone. It gives you courage, strength and allows you stability through times of change. Lavastones and therefore lavastone jewelry provides us with guidance and understanding in situations, where we may feel the need to “bounce back”. This calming stone is very useful in dissipating anger and promotes positive changes where needed in behavioural issues. Furthermore it is said to enhance fertility.

The magic of lavastones

Additionally lavastones are wonderful aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Drop a small drop of your favorite essential oil and enjoy the added therapeutic benefits it brings. (Please note to not come in contact with the pearls or other parts of the jewellery, since it could cause coloration!)

What are lavastones?

Lavastones are cooled magma. When a volcano erupts, as the lava spreads and cools, it becomes solid, porous, and black. Each bead is a type of igneous rock; made from cooled molten rock. The pores and holes make each piece super lightweight.

What´s their secret?

Lava beads are most commonly known for their aromatherapy. This feature is dependent on the quality of diffusion of the rock and essential oils. They keep the scent for up to two days and are this way always by your side. Therefore lavastone beads in bracelets, rings or necklaces are quite often used as a portable essential oil diffuser because of its physical properties.